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The issue is i am selecting option 1 and then going to the next page and i am coming back.The option MALE is being saved.When i try to echo it,nothing is showing up.

 <td class="tdvisitbig">
  <select class="selectbig" name="gender">
   $arr = array("1"=>"MALE", "2"=>"FEMALE");
   foreach($arr as $p=>$v)
    if($p != $gender)
     echo "<option value='$p'>$v</option>";
     echo "<option selected value='$p'>$v</option>";

The code which i am using to echo it is

 if($gender == '1'){echo "male";}
 if($gender == '2'){echo "female";}

Is there something i am missing .when i am selecting option 2 and save it and then try to echo it it prints out fine.

Thanks in advance.

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Where is $gender being set to $_POST['gender']? Is there perhaps an error in the initial assignment? – Dereleased Nov 24 '10 at 21:26



in the if condition..

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According to your echo code, it should echo malefemale every time because you're using = instead of ==.

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sorry that was a typo, but i was using == and it still does not work – swathi Nov 24 '10 at 21:14

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