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Is it possible to use window scrollers to scroll a big DIV content? instead of its own div scroller?

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why would you want to do that? – yoda Nov 24 '10 at 21:37
I want to make it work like an iframe on the page. Basically I have a left thumbnail vertical strip that has position FIXED on left. and clicking it opens up big image on right. but sometimes image is super big. so i want to scroll image but want to use main window scroller instead of another set of scroller inside window. – Scott Yu - Front-End UX Nov 24 '10 at 23:36

Something like

  • Make the body fixed position
  • Add event listeners to body scroll
  • Apply the body scroll to the desired container
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Use Windows scrollbar as separate element

It appears to be very simple to use de standard browser scrollbar as a seperate scrollbar for any purpose. You just need 3 <div> with some CSS-parameters:

  • container-div:
    to reposition the scrollbox-div a little bit to the left (otherwise the content-div stays visible).
  • scrollbox-div:
    The scrollbox-div gets the scrollbar, because it contains the contents-div, which is larger then the scrollbox-div. The scrollbox-div is relative-repositioned to the left (-24px), so the contents-div is not visible in the container-div. The contents-div can not be made much smaller then about 33 px, otherwise the scrollbar disappears in IE.
  • the contents-div:
    The contents-div is larger then the srollbox-div to force a scrollbar. It contains NOTHING, so it will be invisible

By changing the container+scrollbox-height and the content-height you can change the scrollbar handle size. Just experiment by changing the parameters.

With some jquery you can get/set the scrolltop-value. So with this parameter and some jquery you can select any part of data you want to display.


<div id="container" >  
   <div id="scrollbox" >  
        <div id="content" >
<p>scrolltop= <span id="scrolltop" ></span></p>


    width: 16px;   
    height: 500px;
    overflow: hidden;
    width: 40px;   
    height: 500px; 
    left: -24px;  
    overflow: auto;
    height: 50000px;   


    function () {
      var scrolltop=$('#scrollbox').scrollTop();
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Since the scrollbar only affects the overall page, and not a specific element, no.. at least not without replacing the scrollbar entirely (strongly discouraged).

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