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i've a problem with a lightbox i've done in Safari and FF.

If i open my lightbox when the page is scrolled down and then I close the lightbox the page scroll to top istantly... i really don't understand why.

there is a way to get the current page scrolling so i can set it when i close the lightbox to avoid the scroll top?

thank you

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The anchor tag used in the close action probably looks similar to this:

<a href="#"></a>

And that empty hashtag is sending you back to the top of the page. You'll know this is true if your browser's URL suddenly has a # at the end of it.

To stop it, you need to stop the default behavior of the anchor, either by returning false on click, or by using something like jQuery's event.preventDefault() method (preferred).

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the problem is that I use jquery address in my lightbox...so when i close my lightbox, my Url is something like this page.html# Any ideas how can i remove the hash?? – davidino Nov 25 '10 at 0:16
You'll need to post code. – Stephen Nov 25 '10 at 2:05

i believe you're triggering the anchor link.

Make sure to return false on your close function.

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