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so I made a program in ruby (using FXRuby as well if that changes anything) and I was wondering how I would compile it so that another person could download and use the program? Thanks

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You don't need to compile it you can just run it as a ruby script,

start your file with #!/path/to/your/ruby/interpreter/bin after changing it to the appropriate file and it should just launch from the command line

$ chmod +x ./my_ruby_script
$ ./my_ruby_script

However if you are devloping a full fledged application in ruby for the mac then consider using MacRuby which provides ruby-cocoa bridge. It can be found here

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Ruby is interpreted, not compiled. The code itself will be what runs on another person's computer, provided they have a Ruby interpreter.

A quick Google search, however, turned up this. I've never used it, but it's an interesting idea. Basically it wraps the Ruby application code with the executable(s) and library(s) needed to run it into one single all-encompassing application.

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