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Using ANSYS APDL, I'm looking for a quick and computationally inexpensive way to get all the current real numbers used in the model. Something like


The best I can come up with is

! Get a list of all element types
elemReals= $ *vget,elemReals,elem,,attr,real !Get list of elements real numbers

realMask= $ *dim,realMask,array,maxReal

!Create Mask Of Real Numbers and number of real of real numbers
realCount = 0
    realMask(elemReals(i)) = 1
    realCount = realCount + 1

!Fill out real number array
realNumbers = $ *dim,realNumbers,array,realCount
realIndex = 1
    realNumbers(realIndex) = i
    realIndex = realIndex + 1

It works, but the if your real numbers are spaced very far apart it ends up looping through a bunch of zeros in the real mask...


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*GET,mymaxvariable,RCON,0,NUM,MAX ! The maximum real constant set number defined
  *GET,myvariable,RCON,i,CONST,j  ! Value of real constant number "j" in set "i"
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