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I'm writing a web app where users will be able to add wordy descriptions to a database table and was just wondering if there's some sort of (free) .net search plugin I could use to search through the database. I could write a simple SQL query to do it but I'd rather it be more robust and like a google search.

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If your database is SQL Server, then you use SQL Server full text search. It's right there, and has google-like semantics.

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you are probably looking for which a port of lucene. Provide search capabilities for arbitrary document (so you can also index database text with it). But I think you would rather index the html renders of your database entries (which lucene does beautifully).

share|improve this answer is a whole lot of extra work compared to telling sql server to make a appropriate index. – bmargulies Nov 25 '10 at 15:47

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