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What is the purpose of system table table master..spt_values?
Why was it provided and how one should use it?

What are the meanings of its type, low, high values?

Google search gives thousands of " its uses", for example:

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Googling "spt_values" gives this article in the first page of results:


Reading that and skimming a couple of other hits, it seems clear that the table goes back to the Sybase days and is used in system stored procedures to translate codes into readable strings (among other things). But the table is undocumented, so there is no real value in knowing anything about it, at least from a practical standpoint: the next servicepack or upgrade might change it completely. Intellectual curiosity is something else, of course :-)

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It is heavily used by the system sprocs, no chance of it changing. –  PerformanceDBA Nov 25 '10 at 18:48
@PerformanceDBA: you're probably right (after all, the table has presumably been there from version 4.x or earlier all the way through to 2008) but that is still no guarantee that Microsoft won't change it in future. Relying on undocumented features always has some risk, even if it's a small one. –  Pondlife Nov 26 '10 at 7:50
I did not vote you down. I disagreed with one statement. It is not worth arguing about, since you refuse to address my point that it is heavily used by MS in their system stored procs and therefore removal will require those to be written, which is as likely as a snowball's chance in hell. Read my other Answer for further details. There is no guarantee that MS will exist in the future ;-) –  PerformanceDBA Nov 26 '10 at 8:17
@PerformanceDBA: As I said, I think you're probably right, but to address your specific point: Microsoft has already modified many system procs to use the new DMVs instead of the old system tables, so clearly the code is not set in stone and is actively being maintained as versions change. If they can replace a reference to dbo.sysusers with one to sys.database_principals then they can certainly change a reference to spt_values. Whether or not they ever will is pure speculation, of course (I don't work for Microsoft). –  Pondlife Nov 26 '10 at 8:55
Link is dead...:( –  didierc Jul 2 at 12:10
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Mostly answered in another question.

What are the meanings of its type, low, high values?

Most Types (ie. each specific lookup table, if they were separate) require either Name or Number. Some Types require Low and High columns as well. In Sybase, we have an ErrorNumber column, so the sproc can RAISERROR which is not hard-coded (can be changes with versions, etc).

It is not "cryptic" unless an enumerated list is "cryptic" to you; it is just a lookup table (all of them, differentiated by the Type column).

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