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If I include following line in my python source file

from scapy.all import *

I get this error

from scapy.all import *
ImportError: No module named all

Which is true in Console and IDLE, but not eclipse. I am very much confused why this is happening. Can some one help me out?

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I think this may be a problem with your version

Depending on your version a simple

from scapy import *

is all that is required

Hope that helps!

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I think there was a change is scapy somewhere. I put the following code in my scapy projects so it remains compatible.

    import scapy
except ImportError:
    del scapy
    from scapy import all as scapy
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If you use Linux get this folder:


If you not found scapy you must download and install this, for example for Ubuntu you can found this:


and download package and install this pack about 300 kb.

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If scapy is not installed in your system, then you can use this command to install scapy:

sudo apt-get install python-scapy

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