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Hello all I am developing an application which use facebook api to connect facebook user with my application. I want to show a wall post in register user facebook account when user join my application, but i am using facebook stream.publish method. When I call this function in my home page ( then it show a wall popup, but whenever I call this function in my home page ( then pop not showing. Below is my code.

                    method: 'stream.publish',
                    message: 'Just joined',
                    attachment: {
                        name: '',
                        caption: 'Just joined to share your beauty secretes',
                        description: ('Large selection of natural skin care products and organic bath and body products from Articles and information about skincare treatments and conditions.'
                        href: '',
                        media: [
                                type: 'image',
                                href: '',
                                src: ''
                    action_links: [
                            text: 'Code',
                            href: ''
                    user_message_prompt: 'Share your experience with your friends'

Can anyone give me any idea or suggestions for this?


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