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What do I need to know and what libraries do I need to use if I like to build simple 3d editor ( like Xara3d for example ) that lts me edit simple 3d objects and the end result will produce me good quality Ray Traced image . simplicity in mind I will use any free lib that abstract and ease the learning curve . in c++

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I strongly recommend back-ray-tracing. (forward raytrace is better quality if coded properly but extremly slow) and if you want proper outdoor lighting effects (like light gaps) then Only Volumetric renders can do that properly. I do not use any 3th party libs (code renders myself) so I cannot help with lib, but first valid hit on google seems to be this: (nvidia is the leader for OpenGL anyway so take a look hope it does not need some special HW like some of their renders do) – Spektre Jul 2 '14 at 10:23

Get familiar with OpenGL. Checkout the many C++ GUI toolkits that have excellent support for 3D rendering, which is usually built on top of OpenGL. If the abstractions they provide does not meet your requirements, look at C++ libraries that provide better abstractions.

Also see:

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well i know all the libraries you offered they are great for the modeling part , now i just wander how can i get the best rendering image quality out of the models , is there some kind of rendering engine i can use . – user63898 Nov 25 '10 at 8:00
i just edit the port the main term is Ray Tracing the 3d objects to images – user63898 Nov 25 '10 at 9:15

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