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I have this line of code: [[Ditto? &depth=3 &tpl=@FILEweb_assets/chunks/x/x.html &parents=3 &filter=template,7|endDate,[+now+],3]]

The above line displays all items which using template 7. Now I want to make a change so that it will display all items with template 7 and 10. What should I do??


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According to the documentation you can simply add another clause as follows

[[Ditto? &depth=3 &tpl=@FILEweb_assets/chunks/x/x.html &parents=3 &filter=template,7|template,10|endDate,[+now+],3]]
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Ditto provides parameter &where, which accept a valid MySQL WHERE statement. I guess it should help.

&where=`template!=7 AND template!=10`
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