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I am having a list in the name 'bestforproglist'. Also I had a for loop like this

{% for act in activities %}
    <div style="float:left;">{{ act.spotcategoryactivity }}</div>

    <div class="progit">
            <div class="prog_c" >
                <div id="prog_p" style="width:20%;"></div>
            <span id="p_caps">{{ ____________ }}%</span><br/>

{% endfor %}

in the above code, in the space of underline, how should i have have first item in the list when the loop is in first iteration, the second item in the list when the loop is in second iteration and so on...

I tried

<span id="p_caps">{{ mylist[ {{forloop.counter}} ] }}</span><br/>

But it's not working.

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you cant use list['key'] in templates, it can be accessed as list.key instead – crodjer Nov 25 '10 at 7:17
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What is mylist? If you want to iterate over multiple lists, perhaps you should zip them and pass them into the template? Then you can use something like

 {% for x,y in zipped_list %} 

and use both the items rather than the indexing thing you're trying.

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If it's important to have activities and bestforproglist synchronized like this then it's best to zip() them in the view and then iterate over both of them together.

{% for act, prog in zippedlist %}
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In template , code like this """ mylist[ {{forloop.counter}} ] """ won`t work.

use "." instead.

this will make you clear about how to output things in template

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