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I am intending to develop a commercial web application with the following criteria.

  1. I am intending to generate revenue from clients using the web application
  2. Use Mysql as a server only database and Tomcat web application interacting with the database

Can I use the free MySQL community edition without paying any licenses? Especially when I am generating revenue out of it.

If No, what editions of the MySQL server should I purchase?

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You can use any available license and/or edition. Unless you distribute MySQL, you don't have to release any source. Running a web site does not mean you're distributing the database software.

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Expanding on this answer: many pieces of software follow this principle exactly by having the end users set up their own databases. –  KPthunder Nov 25 '10 at 6:53

It looks like you won't have any legal problems using the community edition.

You could consider the use of Firebird or PostgreSQL, both have a licence that give you more freedom. And both are open source projects, not just products.

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