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I am going google eyed trying to find a Knowledge Base, Customer Support and Ticketing system, with FAQs would be nice.

Just cannot seem to find something that A is coded well, and B allows us to totally change the look and feel, and isn't coded by an old Frontpage Developer from the 90's

I have checked out:

Just cannot seem to find anything, that isn't hosted on some kind of:

ismyscripthotornotCosYourGonnaGetSpammed.com site

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We recently purchased and deployed Kayako on our systems for support, ticketing, and KB purposes. We found it to be fairly customizable. Among other things, we customized it to hook up our custom SMS-based notification service. What problems are you having with it? –  ayaz Nov 25 '10 at 12:47
Hi Ayaz, actually the sms system is something we are looking into, with a uk based company. So be interested to hear your thoughts on that also. Kayako, we would need to restyle to fit our template system we have designed. It just doesnt look feasible, and the cost seems quite expensive. –  422 Nov 25 '10 at 20:19
For someone looking only for a FAQ system like I was, take a look here: osfaq.oz-devworx.com.au –  StackUnder Jul 23 '13 at 22:47
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You can try OTRS http://otrs.org - a Open Source, AGPL licensed piece of software with a big community. It has all you want - it just recently released a completely updated XHTML interface with OTRS 3.0. The only downside is that at this moment, the FAQ/Knowledge Base is not yet available, if you need that you should deploy OTRS 2.4.x and/or wait until the first 3.x betas of the FAQ appear in January 2o11.

-- Mike

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cheers Mike, I finally had a go. Couldnt see how to make a manual reply, apart from canned replies to tickets. But this could be what we are after. Cheers for the links and help. Voted :) –  422 Nov 27 '10 at 1:48
Man unless your a serious geek, its hard to actually find stuff. What does it cost ? Where can you download version 2.4. Going round in circles here lol –  422 Nov 27 '10 at 1:56
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Redmine might be just the ticket for you.

We used it for exactly the purpose you described and found it most useful.

You can even get it as a virtual image to make deployment even easier


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Thanks Martin will check it out –  422 Nov 25 '10 at 12:32
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Take a look at Tender (tenderapp.com). They integrate nicely with a bug tracking tool (Lighthouse).

In my experience though, it's best to have your support ticketing system and FAQ site in two different places - I haven't found a tool that really gives fantastic support to both, and I'm just picky enough that the inconvenience of having them separate is worth it.

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Atlas - from Countersoft may help you. Seems to have Q&A, FAQ, docs and videos baked into one product. We use their Gemini product and were recently introduced to it.

Looks promising.

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There are several options in the market for a web-based help desk software. Some of them are:

  • DeskPRO
  • HelpDesk Lab
  • Cerebrus HelpDesk
  • Vision HelpDesk
  • FreshDesk
  • ZenDesk

Each of them have their own strengths. You need to see which one fits your needs well.

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I recommend HappyFox ( http://www.happyfox.com) for your requirements. HappyFox is a web based helpdesk solution and customer support software that would certainly help you manage client requests more smoothly. HappyFox has a clean interface, strong reporting architecture and is highly customizable. The knowledgebase feature in HappyFox enables you to answer customer FAQs better. HappyFox is free for a 2 member team and priced economically for larger teams.

(Disclosure: I am part of the HappyFox team)

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Just FYI; if you happen to return here, I would read the FAQ entry on self-promotion before posting more. –  Andrew Barber Oct 11 '12 at 18:06
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FogBugz can do everything you're looking for. You can give your user's access to wikis for providing a knowledge base and access to their submitted tickets ('cases' in FogBugz's lingo) for customer support and ticketing.

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