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I have a DetailsView, I need get the value specifield in DataKeyNames "UserId" (a Guid Field) and add it to an Object Guid.

At the moment I am using this code:

String myUserId = (String)uxAuthorListDetailsView.DataKey["UserId"].ToString();

but I would need something like:

Guid myUserGuid = (Guid)uxAuthorListDetailsView.DataKey["UserId"].ToString();

But does not work I get error Error

Cannot convert type 'string' to 'System.Guid'

What could be the problem? Thanks guys for your support!

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Check under debug: what object is uxAuthorListDetailsView.DataKey["UserId"]
I guess this must be already the Guid; and conversion is not needed

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Well, the problem is that you're calling ToString() and then trying to cast that string to a Guid, when there's no such conversion available. Possible alternatives:

  • Cast instead of calling ToString(), if the original value is really a Guid:

    Guid guid = (Guid)uxAuthorListDetailsView.DataKey["UserId"];
  • Parse the string instead:

    Guid guid = new Guid(uxAuthorListDetailsView.DataKey["UserId"].ToString());

If this is user-entered data at all, or there's any other reason why the value is half-expected to be incorrect, and if you're using .NET 4, you might want to use Guid.TryParse instead, which will allow you to handle failure without an exception.

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Thanks Jon it is working great the Cast version! Once again thanks! – GibboK Nov 25 '10 at 7:30
var myUserGuid = new Guid(uxAuthorListDetailsView.DataKey["UserId"].ToString());
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Assuming uxAuthorListDetailsView.DataKey["UserId"] stores a valid Guid

try this

Guid myUserGuid = (Guid)uxAuthorListDetailsView.DataKey["UserId"]

remove ToString method

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