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I'm trying to change the CSS of an HTML element dynamically...for that purpose i am using innerHTML.

The problem I'm facing is, maybe Mozilla remembers the innerHTML of a textarea on the first posting. So if the user edits the text in textarea, it fails to show new text and shows original text in textarea. In IE it works fine.

What's wrong with innerHTML and mozilla firefox ?

<script type="text/javascript">
function abc()
<textarea id="c" onclick="abc()">hello...</textarea>
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changing css through innerHTML How ???? –  ArK Nov 25 '10 at 7:43
I wonder how <style> tags inside input fields would parse... –  icedwater Jul 7 at 1:33

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Regarding your requirement, why don't you just do:

document.getElementById("c").className = "myCSSClass";

because using innerHTML to change the CSS class of an element seems pretty weird...

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Why do you want to use innerHTML? The use of innerHTML is to dynamically insert the content to a specific tag using id.

you can use alert(document.getElementById("c").value);

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use .value for TextArea

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cannot contain child elements, but value.

Elements/value inside are treated as plain text not html.

You should use value property to retrieve its contents.


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Always use the value property to change the value of a <textarea>.

It seems a common misconception that innerHTML is a viable or even superior way of doing this. It is neither.

What happens is that changing the innerHTML property of a text area will work only until the value has been changed, either by the user editing the contents of the textarea or by script changing the value property, because the child nodes of a textarea element represent only its initial value.

It's nothing to do with the standards-compliance or otherwise of innerHTML, or that only a single text node is legal within a <textarea> element: you get exactly the same behaviour if you try to change the nodeValue property of a text node contained within the <textarea> element.

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