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I am try to write a php script that return the device from the user agent in the header.

the problem that i see that is not simple to do a regular expression, because the different between the device (am i wrong?)

so i want an updated list of mobile device according to the user agent

I found this list : List of user agents for mobile phones

I try to find an updated xml / feed that i can take all the kinds

or other way you think that best to do this .


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I use this script in a project of mine


Works perfect.

All you need to do in your code is include mobile_device_detect.php and then the function mobile_device_detect() will return to you the device (Android, IPhone, ...) you're running on

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after alot of search i think the simple way is to use a web service

This means no downloads, no installs, no hassles... just simple!



The web service is not available now, i recommend to use http://deviceatlas.com/ or http://51degrees.mobi/ (commercial) or if you look on open source look on : Best Open Source WURFL alternative

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That link seems to be outdated. –  MrUpsidown Oct 2 '14 at 9:26

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