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I'm new to Cassandra. I'm not getting how to update a particular column in Cassandra related to a particular user.

For example I want to update the location of a user in a user column family.

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this information is insufficient. What have your read, what have you tried, what is your structure.. etc? –  Bozho Nov 25 '10 at 9:38
Hi Bozho, for example i want to update location of user in User columnfamily...how can i do that... –  saggy Nov 25 '10 at 9:52
@saggy please edit your question, put your comment into it and try to provide all information necessary to answer. In the current form, the question is not answerable. –  Jan Turoň May 25 '13 at 23:15

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There is no difference between insert/update in cassandra (as Pranab said).

Now to address you example of a user... I'm assuming you have a row per user, and columns for things such as name, email, location.

If you did two inserts


insert('user-123', {'name': 'bob', 'email': 'bob@example.com'})
insert('user-123', {'location': 'nowheresville'}


you'll end up with a user-row that looks like this:

row-key: 'user-123'
row-value: {'name': 'bob', 'email': 'bob@example.com',
            'location': 'nowheresville'}

That should answer your question, but one other note of rows/columns in cassandra. Since there are no locks places on the row, you should be careful about breaking your data apart like this. If two people saved 'user-123' at the same time I think it's possible to have a row that is half what you wanted it to be and half what the other inserter of the data wanted to it be.

Because of this, it's generally a better idea to save all of the user's data in a single cell (serialized).

an alternate structure for this data could be:

row-key: 'nowheresville'
row-value: {'bob-123': serialized-bob-data}
serialized-bob-data: {'name': 'bob', 'email': 'bob@example.com'} 
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If you follow the thrift API, there is no difference between update and insert. It's the same API call.

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