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Is there a good free printer driver for printing something to PNG (or maybe even SVG) for Windows (I use 7 64bit)? I've got this site with some statistics and it displays this cool graph. It's got an embed feature, but that's using flash. I want to put this graph on my blog, but I don't want to use flash for mobile browser reasons. This site also supports printing the graph. So what I thought I would do is print the graph to a PNG or SVG file and use the picture.

I've been searching around and I can't really find anything good or I'm just not typing in the correct keywords. Either way if you know of a good printer-to-file please share. Or if you see any other way.

BTW: Can smart phones even handle SVGs?

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Try PDFCreator, it's free/opensource and allows saving as SVG, PDF etc...

Yes, most smartphones can handle svg, the browser on the iphone does for example, and if you install Opera Mini (available for most phones) you can view svg just fine. Opera Mobile and the mobile version of Firefox for Android also supports SVG. The exception is the default browser on Android 2.3 and below, which doesn't support SVG currently.

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Beware, PDFCreator now includes InstallMonetizer which is pretty nasty malware. Maybe try Image Printer? – Sprockincat Dec 9 '14 at 18:14
And slows down computer: One of the svchost's process miraculously starts swallowing RAM and machine becomes unusable. – Christian Læirbag Feb 19 at 21:29

Print to PostScript then use either Cairo or ImageMagick to convert it to PNG or SVG.

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