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iam using jquery datepicker.

i want to reduce the length of the year dropdownlist in the jquery datepicker.

iam using dropdownlist for month and year by setting the following properties

 function () {

     $("#<%= txt_date.ClientID %>").datepicker({ buttonImage: "../_Images/calendar1.gif", buttonImageOnly: true, showOn: 'button', changeYear: true, changeMonth: true, yearRange: "1900:2020", duration:'fast'});



do you have any idea about this problem?

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What you have works, you can test it here, I assume you're talking about the actual dropdown length in the page, the vertical height of the <select>. Unfortunately you can't control this, it's something the browser handles completely.

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thank you for your answer –  giri-net Nov 25 '10 at 10:51

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