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I want to create a JTabbedPane, add a JPanel to everyone and then add something to the JPanel:

private void initTabbedPane(JTabbedPane tp)

    // Init Tab-Names
    Vector<String> tabNames = new Vector<String>();

    // Init Tabs
    tp = new JTabbedPane();
    JPanel tmpPanel;
    for(int i = 0; i < tabNames.size(); i++)
        tmpPanel = new JPanel();
        tp.addTab(tabNames.elementAt(i), tmpPanel);
    tp.setFont(new Font("Calibri", Font.BOLD, 11));
    this.getContentPane().add(tp, BorderLayout.CENTER);

private void initPanelsInTabbedPane(JTabbedPane tp)

    tp.getComponentAt(0).add(new JButton("HELLOSTUPIDJAVAIHATEU"));

Well it says: incompatible types found : java.awt.Component required: javax.swing.JPanel JPanel p = tp.getComponentAt(0);

But my book says that with, Component getComponentAt(int index), i can access it's content and i remember that JButton is a Component right? So wth?

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If you take a look at Javadoc, you'll see that, indeed, JTabbedPane#getComponentAt(index) returns a Component. However, if you're sure it's a JPanel (which is more or less the case when accessing tabs of a JTabbedPane), you can always cast it :

((JPanel) tp.getComponentAt(0)).add(new JButton("come on, Java is nice enough, no ?"));

Or, even better if you know some things about Swing

((JCompoonent) tp.getComponentAt(0)).add(new JButton("No, Java and Swing positively rock hard awesome !"));

indeed, JPanel is a subclass of JComponent, which is

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hey ty riduidel, i've chosen your second approach, because i think it's more general (i've only jpanels in my tabs. but never mind). –  JavaHater Nov 25 '10 at 10:32
Yes, second option will always work when using Swing components –  Riduidel Nov 25 '10 at 12:39

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