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I've been tinkering with Yahoo Pipes and the Amazon Product Advertising API (formerly ECS) SDK to retrieve my wishlist.

The problem is that although I can get all the items on my wishlist just fine, it seems to include items that I've deleted too.

Has anyone else used this API and noticed this? Is there a way around it?


Requested additional information in comments...

Here is the URL I use to fetch the wishlist XML:

http://webservices.amazon.co.uk/onca/xml?SubscriptionId=[my subs id]&Service=AWSECommerceService&ResponseGroup=ListItems&ProductPage=1&ProductGroup=Book&Operation=ListLookup&ListType=WishList&ListId=[my list id]

And here is the relevant part of the XML response:

<ListId>[my list id]</ListId>
            <Title>Horton hears a who</Title>

The rest of the XML is just either more list items like that, or information about the request at the top of the response.

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Can you post up an example of the XML you get back from the request? It's hard to say how to filter it without seeing what it looks like. –  Hank Gay Jan 9 '09 at 10:43
Close me please! (See my answer below) –  izb Jan 19 '09 at 15:33

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I can't find anything to indicate whether the item has been deleted from the list in either the XML or in the documented parameters to send with the request. At this point, I guess your best bet is to start stalking the forum and ask there if stalking reveals nothing. Sorry, both for the lateness of this response and the fact that it's not overly helpful.

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Ah. This is pilot error.

I would explain what I'd done wrong, but I'm too embarassed.

Deleted items do not show up in wish-lists after all. Yay.

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