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I have an installshield project that takes more then 6 minutes to build.
As this setup project is quite a mess I'm trying to clean it out a bit.
Currently I can see there are file references to files that are not available anymore.

How can I have installshield give me a list of errors without having to completely build the thing?

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You can click around the files and folders view looking for files that say 0 bytes. You can also use release flags to create product configurations that only build select features. But honestly 6 minutes isn't all that bad. It'll be tough if you fix one thing at a time and rebuild over and over but if you can take your list of bugs and fix as many as you can you shouldn't have to build more then a few times.

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There are several hundreds of subdirectories in varying degrees of nesting. Error listing doesn't show the missing files. I did it anyway. More then an entire working day. – Boris Callens Nov 28 '10 at 22:41

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