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i had to reset my computer to factory settings yesterday and reinstall visual studio now before the clean start when i created a mvc2 application everything appeared correct but now i get a parser error when opening with iis7

and i set the application pool to v4.0

i would be able to fix this if what was in the window was actually visible in the file but its not so how can i fix it if i cant see it im using iis7 and visual studio 2010 ultimate here are some screen shots

the browser error alt text

and the global asax it refers to alt text

according to the net it should automatically be migrated with iis7 so whats the problem here?

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You can't open global.asax in Visual Studio, you have to do it in Notepad/similar.

  1. Locate global.asax in your file manager, right click and choose Open With -> Notepad
  2. Make sure what's in the Inherits attribute equals to your global.asax.vb namespace and class.

Did this work?

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ok thanks it used to show it its why i was confused but what do i have to change? sorry im new to this program :) – sam Nov 25 '10 at 11:16

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