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I am using fusion chart in my asp.net application. I want to use multiple fusion charts in a single page. But only one fusion chart is displayed.. Pls help me if any body knws about this problemm...

Iam using an ashx file(handler) for creating xml.

Advance thanks

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pls refer this forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/… –  Vyas Nov 25 '10 at 11:13
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I've used recently Fusion Charts and there is no lo limitation for that. You are able to use as much charts you want on a single page. The problem certainly isn't fusion charts.

I invite you also to see an API that I've share in CodePlex. Turn much easier to display charts in your app.


Total free, open source.

Here an example where I've used two chart on the same control and page without any problem alt text

You could also send some part of your code for a better analyse.

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In order to use multiple charts in the same page using FusionCharts, please specify unique chartId for each chart.

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