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I want a table to have fixed width but dynamic height because content may be of various length. Here is an example:

alt text

I have fixed width but the content is overlapping. What I am doing wrong? Here is my code:

<table width="60%" align='center' cellpadding='2' 
        cellspacing='2' border='2' style='table-layout:fixed'>

And my css:


table td{
    padding:5px; height:auto;

table thead tr th{

Any ideas how to make the height dynamic?

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what behavior do you want when the content exceeds the width of a cell column? a: Stretch the cell, or b: Hide the extra content? (e.g. if your contents contains a large string value with no spaces or other punctuation to wrap on) –  scunliffe Nov 25 '10 at 11:11
a: stretch the cell but only in height –  artworkad シ Nov 25 '10 at 11:41

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table td{

This worked for me ;)

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I suspect there are no 'breaking points' (e.g. spaces) in the text. So the text cannot be broke into mulitple lines. One solution would be to add &shy; at the places the text may break.

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The problem may be caused by your use of table-layout: fixed - I would suggest putting style="width: 150px;" in each of the <th> tags and removing the table-layout

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The <th> width tends to supersede <td> widths. So simply applying a width to the <th> (as Kolink said) should solve your overflow problem.

table thead tr th{
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