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I have linux and svn server running and can terminal into it from my mac. In xcode I have setup a repositories and setup the folder structure branches, releases, tags, trunk for a project.

  1. I have imported my first project into the trunk folder successfully.
  2. I then create a different folder locally
  3. In Xcode SCM, I navigate to /truck/ and click on it.
  4. I click the checkout button and choose the location. It checks out successfully and prompts if I wish to open project so I do.

Everything appears fine but when I test by making changes to a file, I do not get any file status letters 'M' etc telling me that the file has be modified. It does not seem to be version controlled even though I have checked it out.

Any ideas?

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As well as Foo.xcodeproj (which is actually a directory, not a file, even though it looks like a file in the Finder), you also need to put Foo.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj under version control, since this is where all the important project-related stuff is actually stored.

Don't bother putting anything else under Foo.xcodeproj/ into version control - these are just user-specific settings: window positions, breakpoints, etc.

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