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I was wondering if its possible to to connect (thro' SSO) to a locally (in my env) hosted application from a java web application running on google app engine. Assume I have an application based on a tool/framework which cannot be moved on to the app engine due to the app engines various restrictions. Is it feasible keep this application in house while building any extensions I need onto a application running on the app engine? So I enter thro' the main application on the app engine, do a SSO to my local app for any features I need from this app, but use the rest of the features from the main application on the engine itself.

I see that there are solns where force.com integrates with google app engine (exposing webservices). Likewise I thought it might be possible to connect to local apps at a screen level using SSO.

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Yes - you can use Secure Data Connector to access your internal services from an App Engine app.

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