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I get the following error regularly on my MediaTemple DV server.

 Web Server (Apache) on myrootdomain.com is down
 Web Server (Apache) on myrootdomain.com has been started

 Plesk Web Server on myrootdomain.com is down
 Plesk Web Server on myrootdomain.com has been started

I get at least one, sometimes more, every single day. MediaTemple aren't being very helpful as DV are self-managed. So it falls to me to be the sysadmin. Any help would be great! I have some important sites running on this server and every time I get these errors I get about 10 minutes downtime whilst Apache restarts.

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Assuming it's a linux system, you might want to try lsof (list open files). See what files get accessed on the moment your server crashes.

Be careful though, lsof can generate a lot of output, so you better run it trough a pipe. lsof | egrep -i (apache|plesk)

Or whatever the name is of the process.

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How do I find the name of the process? –  jnthnclrk Nov 25 '10 at 12:52

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