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I've inherited a design where an image is aligned with the right hand side of the viewport using "float:right". Now I'd like to add some tagline text either above or below that image, which will also align with the right hand side of the viewport. I must not understand the box model whatsover and/or how to use float, because my efforts result in the tagline and image rendering next to one another, or the image left-aligned with the beginning of the tagline.

Below is my CSS that right aligns just the tagline. Thanks in advance.

<div style="margin:5px; float:right;">
    <p>dexygen: Powering the Desk Wide Web</p>
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Thanks everybody for reminding me about clear. I'd read about this in the second chapter of CSS Mastery earlier this month. Will try things out and accept an answer soon. – George Jempty Nov 25 '10 at 21:15
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put <div style="clear: both";></div> after your image :)

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Try adding clear:right; to your <div> to force it to clear it and display beneath it as you want.

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Perhaps you can use clear: both on the image to not allow anything besides it. Otherwise, can't you just float a div with the image and the <p>-tagline (or use a <br>? That should put them on separate lines.

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