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I'm looking for a CMS running under Mono framework: this is needed to have it deployed on Linux-based (Ubuntu/Debian) machines.

Someone told me about OrchardCMS, but it seems it's not compatible yet. They also told me about Umbarco, but I haven't found any information on compatibility.

Could anyone advise?

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Umbraco is ASP.NET on .NET servers. Dont think its MONO compatible. –  BerggreenDK Jun 9 '11 at 15:07
I am currently investigating how to get MONO and ASP.NET up and running on Linux, as I am going to develop a MONO compatible CMS if possible. I've been doing CMS for 9 years now on Microsoft platform. –  BerggreenDK Jun 9 '11 at 15:08
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Try to look at mojoPortal.

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Orchard is now Mono compatible see here for details on setting up your system

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The page says it is not compatabile –  Nest Mar 26 at 10:26
"Orchard doesn't currently run on Mono, and hence can't run on Linux." BUT on the same page mono setup guide is available. So maybe we need to ask people who really did that. And as I can understand MySQL is not supported. Only PostgreSQL with some issues - "After a few requests you might get npgsql (PostgreSQL ADO.NET provider) connection errors. Only restarting the application will cure it." –  Maxim Apr 14 at 20:05
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