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I have a ul that i need to center within a div. The code i have (you'll find below) works in every browser apart from ie6 & ie7 where the content is floated left rather than centered. I've stripped out my code to the very basics. I have tried to work through numerous fixes for this without success as yet so any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

#galleryThumbs {
    margin:0px auto;
ul.thumb {
ul.thumb li {
    margin:0 2px 0 2px;
    border:1px solid #ffffff;

<div id="galleryThumbs">
    <ul class="thumb">
        <li><img src=""></li>
        <li><img src=""></li>
        <li><img src=""></li>

Many thanks in advance Brendan

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The worst bit is having to support IE6 :( – Spudley Nov 25 '10 at 13:27
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IE 6 and IE 7 do not support display:inline-block

You can override this with a IE CSS hack to the inline-block elements

zoom: 1;
*display: inline;

I would put those wrapped in IE conditional comments to target IE only.

Demo at

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Paniyar & Gaby, many thanks for such quick responses. Gaby, i've implemented your solution and this works perfectly. – randalldon Nov 25 '10 at 13:21

IE6/7 doesn't support display: inline-block on elements which are by default display: block. See also CSS2 - The display declaration:

IE 6/7 accepts the value only on elements with a natural display: inline.

The <ul> is by default display: block, so this ain't going to work.

One of the solutions is to give the <ul> a fixed width so that it can be centered to its parent by margin: 0 auto.

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The solution without hacks for internet explorer 7 is add to your code this:

    #yourdiv {
            width: 100%;
            position: relative;
            text-align: center;

            #yourdiv ul {
                    float: left;
                    position: relative;
                    left: 50%
                    text-align: center;

                    #yourdiv ul li {
                            float: left;
                            position: relative;
                            display: block;
                            right: 50%;                

With this you can center a unsorted list in Internet Explorer 7 without hacks.

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This didn't work for me in IE9 compatibility mode w/ document mode set to IE7. – Justin Nov 17 '14 at 23:48

The above (I mean the one with the width declaration for the UL) solution is the only one I came up to. By the way, 2 things:

1- Your declaration for the Doctype is triggering quirks mode because the img tags are not xhtml-style properly closed.

2- Paniyar developed a new property for Float, CENTER. It doesn´t exist. Not in my books at least.

My two cents...

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Thanks for having a look Billeeb. If you have a look at Gaby's jsfiddle link this is the accepted solution. I have tested this cross-browser including ie6 & ie7 and it works. – randalldon Nov 25 '10 at 15:41

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