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I have a problem when i get HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\ application to get its attribute installLocation,it shows C:\Program Files\Alcoho 120, but I need to path formatC:\Program Files\Alcoho 120 to find the folder,and get its installdate

but i don't know how to convert from C:\Program Files\Alcoho 120 to C:\Program Files\Alcoho 120 the error message shows warning C4129: 'A' : unrecognized character escape sequence

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I assume you've pasted that path into your code like this:

char *path = "C:\Program Files\Alcoho 120";

If so, you need to double-up the backslashes since backslash is an escape character in C++:

char *path = "C:\\Program Files\\Alcoho 120"

You should not be hardcoding the path anyway, though; it may change depending on where it was installed. Your program should be looking in the registry instead. Hardcoding the registry path is fine since that won't change. Hardcoding the file path is not good.

(You will need to double-up the backslashes in the registry path if you put that in your code, of course.)

PS: Your question was really difficult to read; you might want to tidy it up.

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