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i know that is should use migrations, just asking. it would be useful/beautiful to be able work on local mysql database adding fields, indexes etc. and then

  • schema dump
  • git push heroku ...
  • heroku db:schema:diff:apply <- !!! without loosing remote data

i know

  • can't haddle table/fields rename case
  • this is bat babbit

i really like to use great db managers like SQLyog, why can't I? I can't if i hawe to write every change in migration file by hand.

is this possible? is there similar plugin?

ps: i know about this beauty:

this is exactly what I'm looking for. Problem is that it is for old rails, and not suported anymore


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ups found this: github.com/pjhyett/auto_migrations –  dux Nov 25 '10 at 13:39

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this is it! by author words dynamite!


  • filed size changes
  • filed create/drop
  • create/drop indices

pached to work with schema-auto.rb and not schema.rb


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