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I'm just curious how they make apps like Fat Booth for the iPhone? I've been learning/developing iphone apps for the last couple of months but have never ventured into anything image/photo/game based, how on earth do you do image manipulation within objective c? Is it with similar libraries to Cocos 2D or something?

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See also Need PhotoBooth Mac feature in iphone app – Brad Larson Nov 25 '10 at 15:37
Hi benhowdle..i see your question and i now i make fatbooth application..So r u made this fatbooth application in android ? – Gensheriff Feb 17 '12 at 12:55
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cocos2d is for game animations. what you want is image processing.

entering something along the lines of "objective-c image processing" into google is a good place to start. projects like will give you an idea of how you manipulate image data in objective-c. And you never know, there may be an open source library that does the kind of morphing you're looking for.

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I just released an app on the app store that internally had to implement a rudimentary version of FatBooth in order to achieve the final effect. Take a look at Displacement Mapping for an idea as to how you can get images to bend, expand, shrink, bloat, etc. FatBooth might have approached it a different way, but this is certainly one approach that would have worked just fine for FatBooth.

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