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I am trying to the get start and end date of a jira project version. Can I do this with the Jira SOAP API, and how cand I do this?

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What do you mean by JIRA project version? Do you mean the start and end date of a regular project, such as a sed task or a slpm? –  Anders Nov 27 '10 at 14:26
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There's no such thing as 'start date' for version in JIRA, and Release Date is available via SOAP. E.g. in Java:

JiraSoapService js = new JiraSoapServiceServiceLocator().getJirasoapserviceV2();
String token = js.login(username, password);
RemoteVersion[] versions = js.getVersions(token, "KEY");
Calendar releaseDate = versions[0].getReleaseDate();
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For posterity:

I'm guessing you are using Greenhopper, that does allow you to specify start and end dates for your sprints/versions. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear you can not retrieve this data via the API as Greenhopper data is not exposed (yet). See the ticket below.

I'm anxious to get this too.


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Not really for startDate / endDate, but all information needed to build your own Hourly-Burndown Chart...

I searched for hours to find a solution for a this, the only other way I found was this:

FROM `propertytext`
FROM `propertyentry`

With this you get a XML File for your Version and in this you can find the values for startDate / endDate

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