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     #!/usr/bin/expect -f
        #set timeout 25
        spawn rsync root@'/usr/backups /usr/backup-scripts /root/test/' /root/
        expect "root@'s password: $"
        #send "\$xxxxxx\n"
        #expect "\\$ $

What is wrong with the above script i get an error saying invalid rsync options

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From man rsync, this is the new syntax for multiple files:

rsync -av host:file1 :file2 host:file{3,4} /dest/

The old syntax you are using should still work in the command line, but try this in spawn:

spawn rsync root@ :/usr/backup-scripts :/root/test/ /root/
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It didnt work,did u try it out in the expect script as mentioned above.. –  Rajeev Nov 26 '10 at 4:34
Yes I did and it worked fine. Note that I don't have the same setup as you. Also take a look here: rootprompt.org/article.php3?article=5760 - there are examples on how to do it which might work for you. –  icyrock.com Nov 27 '10 at 17:46
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