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I'm about to work on an implementation of mpris. But currently I am not sure how to read/write dbus interface properties with python-dbus. Is there any examples for this ?

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Finally got the answer:

@dbus.service.method(dbus.PROPERTIES_IFACE, in_signature='ss', out_signature='v')
def Get(self, interface, prop):
@dbus.service.method(dbus.PROPERTIES_IFACE, in_signature='ssv')
def Set(self, interface, prop, value):
@dbus.service.method(dbus.PROPERTIES_IFACE, in_signature='s', out_signature='a{sv}')
def GetAll(self, interface):
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Hi, could you tell me how you found (link maybe)? – user2496293 Aug 19 at 20:11

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