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What is the negation (complement) of:

i < A.Length

in the context of:

Do (i < A.Length )   // is it i == A.Length  or   i > A.Length   ?

What is the negation of

i <= A.Length

in the context of:

Do (i <= A.Length )  // is it  i >= A.Length  ?

For some reason I can't find a source to confirm.

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Try just to draw a line with 0 in the middle. Then, all that is to right of zero is > 0, so the complement is another part of the line. And it is < 0 and 0. So, the complement to > 0 is <= 0.

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The complement of < is >= and the complement of > is <= though without understanding what i is, relative to the .length properties, that operation may not be quite what you want.

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Negation of i < A.Length is i >= A.Length and negation of i <= A.Length is i > A.Length.

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