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How to search int[] QTaskId in Entity. i try to make below but i can not

void (Run(int[] QTaskId)
 var Que = calculateCtx.QTaskRelations.Where(q => q.QTaskId.Contains(QTaskId)).Select(q => q);
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You have to look the other way around: you have to search the "QTaskId" array for "q.QTaskId":

void (Run(int[] QTaskId)
 var Que = calculateCtx.QTaskRelations.Where(q => QTaskId.Contains(q.QTaskId)).Select(q => q);
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I think you've just got the contains wrong. Instead of this:

Where(q => q.QTaskId.Contains(QTaskId))

try this:

Where(q => QTaskId.Contains(q.QTaskId))

I would also suggest changing your parameter name to something more easily understandable, such as "validTaskIds" (note the plural, as well as the camelCased name). Then:

Where(q => validTaskIds.Contains(q.QTaskId))
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