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I have 153 markers and need to generate a static map with them, but when put them in the url i get an error like this:

414 Request-Uri Too Large

My url is something like this


Thanks folks!

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This response came from the Server (google). So you're not allowed to request such long URLs.

See the google api doc for more infos:

Static Map URLs are restricted to 2048 characters in size. In practice, you will probably not have need for URLs longer than this, unless you produce complicated maps with a high number of markers and paths.

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The way i see it is either you reduce precision of your markers in order to gain space in the URL. (i.e. markers=13.72326,-86.13705---->markers=13.73,-86.14) resulting in placing the markers in a grid...
Or you go with a non static api

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This is what I ended up doing - rounding in PHP using precision to the 6th decimal really shortened things up for me. –  Jared Eitnier Sep 1 '14 at 17:56

You can encode your Polylines and make them shorter .

Here is the example which can help you how to short your Polylines

I am using the php library to short the length here is the link of library https://github.com/danmandle/encoded-polyline-stitcher

if you use this library

(51.838245,-111.834991|51.833179,-111.83503|51.831007022306,-111.8232751234|51.838244686875,-111.82327418214)  =  (atk{HtwqiTt^FpLmhAgl@)

Here important point is if you use short url you have to use "enc:" keyword

(fillcolor:0xAA000033|color:0xFFFFFF00|51.838245,-111.834991|51.833179,-111.83503|51.831007022306,-111.8232751234|51.838244686875,-111.82327418214)  =   (fillcolor:0xAA000033|color:0xFFFFFF00|enc:atk{HtwqiTt^FpLmhAgl@)

The Library is available for other languages as well if you are not using php .

I hope that it helps others

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Question is about markers, NOT polylines. –  Michał Powaga Jan 28 '14 at 17:29

URLs over 2000-ish characters aren't valid. Is your querystring longer than that?

Also see this post

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Very old thread but I had to cobble together something to tackle this very problem in a hurry. Sharing here in case anyone else had the same problem.

It takes an array of markers in the form:

$points =
        [0] => Array
                [lat] => 52.1916312
                [lng] => -1.7083109

        [1] => Array
                [lat] => 50.2681918
                [lng] => 2.5616710
        [500] => Array
                [lat] => 49.1821968
                [lng] => 2.1671056

Max url length is 2048 chars so it first reduces accuracy of the lat lng to $marker_accuracy (4) then starts removing markers from the middle. Removing markers from the middle could be improved a lot as it does it one at a time

$map_url = make_static_map($points);

function make_static_map($points,$reduce_len=false,$reduce_count=false){
    $grp_points = array();
    $grps = array();
    $url = array();
    $max_len = 0;
    $width = 640;   //max 640 :(
    $height = 640;  //max 640 :(
    $marker_accuracy = 4;   //Lat lng to 4 decimal places minimum, 3 would be less accurate

    $url[] = 'http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?';
    $url[] = '&size='.$width.'x'.$height.'&scale=2';
    $url[] = '&markers=';

    if($reduce_count){  //Last resort to shortening this
        array_splice($points, ceil(count($points)/2), 1);

    foreach($points as $i => $point){
            $point['lat'] = number_format($point['lat'], $reduce_len, '.', '');
            $points[$i]['lat'] = $point['lat'];
            $point['lng'] = number_format($point['lng'], $reduce_len, '.', '');
            $points[$i]['lng'] = $point['lng'];
            $t_len = max(strlen($point['lat']),strlen($point['lng']));
                $max_len = $t_len;
        $grps[] = array($point['lat'],$point['lng']);
    $grps = remove_duplicate_points($grps);
    foreach($grps as $grp){
        $grp_points[] = implode(',',$grp);
    $url[] = implode('|',$grp_points);
    $url[] = '&sensor=false';
    $url = implode('',$url);
    if(strlen($url) > 2048){
        // Bugger, too long for google
            // Reduce the length of lat lng decimal places
            // Reduce the number of lat lng markers (from center)

function remove_duplicate_points($points){
    $points = array_map('serialize', $points);
    $points = array_unique($points);
    return(array_map('unserialize', $points));
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