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for some reason the Wix shortcut is not removed on uninstall.

this is my code:

  <Directory Id="ProgramFilesFolder">
    <Directory Id="INSTALLDIR" Name="App">

      <Component Id="AppExecutable" DiskId="1" Guid="12854481-BE33-4733-8B46-FDB424057C9A">
        <File Id="App1ExecutableFile" Source="$(var.RESOURCEDIR)\App.exe" KeyPath="yes">


  <Directory Id="ProgramMenuFolder" Name="PMFiles">
    <Directory Id="AppShortcutDirectory" Name="App for OS">

      <Component Id="App1Shortcuts" DiskId="1" Guid="">
        <RegistryValue Root="HKCU" Key="[ApplicationRegistryPath]\MsiInstaller\GuestShortcutsAreInstalled" Type="string" Value="" KeyPath="yes" />

        <Shortcut Id="App1ExecutableShortcut" Directory="AppShortcutDirectory"
                  Target="[#App1ExecutableFile]" Name="App"
                  WorkingDirectory="INSTALLDIR" Description="Run the App" Advertise="no" />

        <RemoveFolder Id="DelteShortcutFolder1" Directory="AppShortcutDirectory" On="uninstall" />



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The Guid of the component where shortcut resides is empty string. Take a look what documentation says about it:

It's also possible to set the value to an empty string to specify an unmanaged component. Unmanaged components are a security vulnerability because the component cannot be removed or repaired by Windows Installer (it is essentially an unpatchable, permanent component).

So, place a valid GUID there or just '*' to fix this.

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yes, it works, but for some reason the "*" didn't work. – Ezequiel Nov 29 '10 at 13:09
Hmm, strange... according to docs "Generatable guids are supported only for components with a single file as the component's keypath or no files and a registry value as the keypath." But your component seems to fit into this limitation... – Yan Sklyarenko Nov 29 '10 at 14:16
Well, It is a simplified version of mi code. My real code doesn't fit into that limitation. Thanks!!! – Ezequiel Nov 30 '10 at 18:25

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