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I have a weird issue...

I have an image (a small thumbnail) included in the project AND as a file in the documents directory (both files are IDENTICAL)... when I load it into an image view using [UIImage imageNamed:xxx] it is perfect however when I load it into an image using [UIImage imageWithContentsOfFile:xxx] then it is really blocky....

Anyone have an idea why this would be... I repeat the images are identical (so it is not a different format or resolution which is the issue).

This is on the iPad, iOS 3.2

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This question is so old it's probably left the rest home. But I just ran into what appears to be the same thing. In my case it's nothing to do with scale factors, and everything to do with imageWithContentsOfFile: returning a 34x34 image, even though the source image is ten times that (and a different aspect ratio). I'm smelling an iOS bug, but instead of hunting it down I just worked around it. YMMV – sobri Mar 8 '13 at 16:03

imageWithContentsOfFile: loads from the specified file, but imageNamed: tries to find a double precision version first. So, if you have an image file xxx@2x, it will be loaded instead of xxx.

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