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I have some tabs and an activity group (Contacts) with several nested activities:

Contacts Tab
Contact Groups -> Contact List -> Edit Contact

I used this example to manage walking through these nested activities. So, when I click on a Contact Group, I'm sending parameters about that group using intent and LocalActivityManager

LocalActivityManager lam = Contacts.contacts.getLocalActivityManager();
Window w = lam.startActivity("ContactListActivity", intent);
View view = w.getDecorView();

But when I get back to the first activity (Contact Groups) and select another contact group from the list, ContactListActivity is starting without firing "onCreated" method - it seems that the activity started using LocalActivityManager is somehow kept alive and doesn't fire "pause", "destroy" and other events until its parent ActivityGroup experiences that event.

I tried using getLocalActivityManager().destroyActivity(activityId, false); but then, when I would click contact group again, this: lam.startActivity("ctsActivity", intent); would return null...

Help! How can I use nested activities with normal activity lifecycle?

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Found the answer! I forgot to add "FLAG_ACTIVITY_CLEAR_TOP" to the intent that was passed from one activity to the other... Wasted 5 hours of my life on that :)

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