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I've Googled but come up with nothing that I can get my head around.

Are the performance gains from using stored procedures significant?

Would I still want to use prepared statements in conjunction with stored procs or is it generally a one or the other thing?

Can I create stored procs through PHPMyAdmin and manage them from there as well?

What would a stored procedure look like for something simple like this-

SELECT * FROM table a 
INNER JOIN otherTable b 
ON a.join_id=b.join_id 
WHERE someVar = :boundParam

and how would the PHP work (PDO) to call it and bind its parameter?

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no contest - sprocs are more efficient on so many levels. Let's forget query optimisation and execution speed - let's think in terms of calls required, bytes sent..., grants required (exec vs all), security, how many calls does mysqli/pdo need to make to exec 1 parameterised query ? would that be 2 ??? lol –  f00 Nov 25 '10 at 15:42

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Consider this a gentle introduction to stored procedures in MySQL: http://www.mysqltutorial.org/mysql-stored-procedure-tutorial.aspx

You sure can create/manage stored procedures in phpMyAdmin.

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