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I'm working on a C project with Eclipse and MinGW. When running a debug build of this project, gdb always breaks on entering main(). I can see why this could be useful, but for my current project I don't want that to happen.

I've read that there is a command

(gdb) break main

which will accomplish the same behavior when running from the command line.

At the moment I do NOT have a .gdbinit file.

At the moment gdb doesn't stop on entering main when running from the command line, but it does when running from Eclipse.

How do I make GDB stop breaking on entering main by default within Eclipse?

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Make sure you are in the c++ perspective, then go to menu Run -> Debug Configurations. Make sure your application is chosen in the left pane, press the Debugger tab, and uncheck Stop on startup at: checkbox.

EDIT: you can see a screen-shot here: Method/Function Breakpoints in Eclipse CDT

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This is settings is for single run configuration. What if I would like to set it globally for all projects for ever? –  Trismegistos Jul 9 '14 at 8:20

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