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So I created simple Consol app: FFmpeg RTSP Video stream reader (using only general FFmpeg C API) But while ffmpeg reads from RTSP it shows lots of info. I did not asked for if... At least not all of it... So how can I filter what ffmpeg is outputing? I mean in all he talls user-developer there is only one important line something like: missing picture in acsess unit so how to put some filter mechanism for ffmpeg not to output all it wants and for me developer to catch the moment when message I want appeares? (In my project I write in C++ under visual studio using Boost libs)

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Use av_log_set_callback, to set your function as callback:

static void avlog_cb(void *, int level, const char * szFmt, va_list varg) {
    //do nothing...


or, you may also use


to print error messages only.

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