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I have a controller plugin that is detecting if the site has been set to maintenance, if it has, i want it to _forward to the maintenance controller to display the 'sorry...' message.

I don't want to use a redirect as this will change the current url the user is on, but _forward is a Zend_Controller_Action protected method so can't be called out of context, how do I do this?

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When the preDispatch method of your plugin is called, the request isn't dispatched. So you can "forward" just by setting the controller and action on the request:

public function preDispatch(Zend_Controller_Request_Abstract $request)
    if ($this->isMaintenanceMode()) {
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I like the way that works. Why didn't I think of it? ;) –  Darryl E. Clarke Nov 25 '10 at 16:33
Nice thinking, thanks –  Ashley Nov 25 '10 at 16:40

Since the plugin cannot _forward() properly; In your controller(s) init() method you can check for a flag that says your site is in maintenance mode AND the action isn't your maintenance action then $this->_forward('maintenance-action');

Something like:

// .. in your action controller
public function init() {
    $maintenanceMode = checkTheFlagYourPluginSet();
    // .. other code removed omitted
    if ($maintainenceMode && $this->_request->getActionName() != 'maintenance-action') {
        // return so that nothing else gets executed in the init()
        return $this->_forward('maintenance-action');
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