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I have an

ArrayList<Map<String, Object>>

Object, I need to display the content of this array in a JTable.

The Map - Key is the column name and Object is the data, how can I put it up?

Baiscally the Map contains multiple-rows from a table and all the rows are added to the array list, now I need to display them in a Swing application in the form of a table and perform sorting and filtering on them.

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For datas embed your list in a TableModel. A DefaultTableModel is best.

For columns, embed your list in a TableColumnModel. Best is a DefaultTableModel.

Then use the jtable constructor to use that.

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ArrayList<Map<String, Object>>

This sounds like the wrong model for the job, there is not really a sensible way of turning this into a single table. Perhaps you mean

Map<String, List<Object>>

This would make a lot more sense. Now one single key (the column name) is mapped to multiple values (the column values).

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hmm, makes sense, let me check it this way too!! –  Vivek Nov 25 '10 at 20:25

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