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I am interested in opinions on how best to setup a VS2008 project so that a DLL is compiled as both a smart device DLL as well as a C++ Win32 DLL. Is there an alternative to having two projects and the source files are shared?

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Yeah, you can do this by using more than one platform. Tricky to get right though, you can't get the settings initialized from a project template. Best thing to do is to start the project with a SmartDevice project template since it has the most custom settings. Then Build + Configuration Manager, Active solution platform = New and select Type = Win32, Copy = None.

That last one is the painful bit, you'll have to change the Win32 specific settings yourself. Best thing to do is to open a sample Win32 .vcproj in a text editor and check with setting overrides it has. So you can reproduce them in your custom project. Copy and paste works btw, that's the quickest and safest way.

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